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Our ovens are made of high-quality materials in types and sizes meeting your requirements and installed at the site by our teams. The heating systems used are thermo-blocks or heating elements. The air circulation is from top to bottom on account of the gravity due to the molecular weight of the air. As for the thermal ovens and post-curing ovens, the air is blown into the oven from the cover in such a way that the air passes through the materials. The lengths of the ovens can be extended within the scope of the technical possibilities or the oven can be moved to another location easily. There are no mechanical connections that might transfer heat between the internal and external panels, except for the insulation. The control panel consists of high-quality electronic and electromechanical components, providing digital temperature control.

Electrostatic powder coated modular panel system;
Modern and high-quality production;
Ease of operation;
Balanced and equal heat distribution;
Saves energy thanks to high-density thermal insulation;
Heating with thermo-block system using diesel fuel, gas burner or heating elements;
Expandability, moveability according to specific requirements;
High-quality panel providing digital temperature control;
1 Year Warranty: Our products come with 1-year warranty against production defects. Electrical materials, electric motors, electronic devices and gas burners are under the warranty of their respective manufacturers.



The oven panels are made of 1.20 mm CRS sheets and coated with powder coating.
For thermal insulation, compressed boards of high density rock wool and yellow Izocam glass wool of 150 mm thickness is used between two flat surfaces.
There are no mechanical connections that would constitute a thermal bridge between the internal and external panels.
The firebox of the diesel heated thermoblock ovens is made of 10 mm plates and seamless steel pipes, and the external boiler that enables removal of the hot air over the firebox is made of 2 mm plates with gusset frames.
The fireboxes of the LPG heated ovens are chromium-nickel reinforced. And the fireboxes of the natural gas heated ovens are completely made of chromium-nickel materials.
In ovens heated with heating elements; heating cassettes that consist of chromium-nickel heating elements wrapped in coil and that can be easily removed in case of a breakdown are used.
The air circulation of the ovens is provided by two units of radial fans and the direction of air flow is from top to bottom.
In Aluminum Heat Treatment and Rubber Post-Curing Ovens, hot air cannot get down from top to bottom due to mass arrangement inside the oven. Therefore, it is blown through the materials over the fins located on the specially designed oven cover. Thus, a homogeneous heat distribution is achieved.
In ovens with a conveyor system, the air curtain is from top to bottom in direction of the gravity.

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