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Technical Specifications:
Internal Dimensions: WIDTH: 1700 mm. HEIGHT: 250 mm. LENGTH: 10.000 mm. Ovens can be custom built to customers’ dimensions and specifications. Oven panels are made of DKP plates with a thickness of 1.20 mm, and coated with powder paint. Thickness of insulation is 90 mm, and consists of high density rock wool pressed between two smooth surfaces and yellow glass wool boards. Heat circulation is performed through two units of radial fans. Heating group has a power of 2kW and consists of 15 pieces of Cr-Ni heating elements covered with DKP coil. The heating elements are arranged on a cassette designed to facilitate removal when necessary. Total heating power is 30 kW. The system is supplied three-phase power. Hot air is distributed inside the oven through a duct and collected from a point in the center of the oven. Control panel is built with high quality components such as SIEMENS and ENDA, and the temperature control is performed using digital temperature control device. All cables belonging to the heating elements are made of silicone. The body of the oven is mounted on profile mounts, and consists of 5 sections each with a length of 2000 mm. The heating unit is located on the middle body of the oven. There are two hoods with smoke outlets for connection to a ventilation system over the inlet and outlet points of the oven.
The maximum temperature of the oven is 130 ºC.



Technical Specifications of the Conveyor:
The oven is equipped with a conveyor system designed in such a way that a heat-resistant Teflon belt with a width of 1600 mm and thickness of 1 mm, containing 4 x 4 perforations, resistant to temperatures up to 260 ºC passes through and around the oven. The horizontal roller conveyor system with pneumatic tension is driven by a 0.75 kW motor, with speed control up to 22.5 meter/min. via a FUJI inverter. The system requires 4-bar uninterrupted air pressure to apply tension to the conveyor belt. The belt completes its cycle inside the body. The height between the belt and the inlet of the oven is 80 mm. The drive system is equipped with a manual operating mechanism to easily remove any products that remain in the oven in cases of power failures. The oven has 100 mm projection on the inlet and 750 mm projection on the outlet points for easy supply and collection of goods. Total length of the conveyor is 11.750 mm, including the projections. Furthermore, an optional reducer-driven, inverter-controlled system, which can be moved vertically through a pneumatic system designed in such a way to prevent products from slipping back when they are placed on the conveyor belt, can be installed on the product inlet projection of the conveyor.

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