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IR Heat-Shock Units

Triple IR Heat Shock Unit:

External dimensions of the triple heat shock unit; Width: 590 mm, Length: 1050 mm. (Height is determined by our customers.) Manufactured in line with the height of the conveyor belt. The unit is coated with electrostatic powder paint. Material passage is performed through an opening of 100 x 280 mm. The internal section that contains the heating elements is made of Cr-Ni stainless steel. The system can be easily disassembled in case of a failure. Thermal insulation is made with high-density rock wool. The body is equipped with a vertically moving cover to enable first material passage, and to respond to any failures in the heating elements easily. The heating system consists of 10 pieces of IR Ceramic heating elements each with a power rating of 750 watts placed in triple groups, and the total heating power is 22.500 watts. Units can be custom made with multi-groups according to requirements. Three-phase power is supplied to the system. All cables used on the unit are silicone. The temperature is controlled through a PID temperature control system, and the groups can be used independently.
Surface temperature of the ceramic heaters is max. 450 C.

Technical Information on IR Heaters with Ceramic Body:

All infrared sources radiates not a single wavelength, but a series of wavelengths. The controllable surface temperature composes the uppermost wavelength in this series radiated. The ceramic sheath prevents radiation of harmful wavelengths, eliminating carcinogenic effect. Therefore, it can be safely used in food and medical sector applications. They warm up rapidly. When it reaches a surface temperature of 450C, the heat inside the body is around 750C. The heating elements are protected against corrosion thanks to the ceramic sheath. Therefore, they have a quite long service life. Even though the infrared rays are absorbed by steam and carbon dioxide particles in air, the amount of infrared energy lost is negligible. Because the air is not heated, there is no external energy loss. The infrared rays are not applied on glossy metal surfaces. In case they are applied, almost all infrared rays would be reflected from the metal surface and the metal will never reach the required temperatures. The infrared ceramic heaters that have a concave structure radiate intensive and effective heat on materials and create a thin layer on the external surface. Thus, it eliminates problems such as gassing, surface imperfection, deformations, etc. The surface attains a smooth and glossy appearance, the rubber gets lighter, production speed increases, and provides material and time savings.


Fire Hazard:
Do not operate ceramic heaters near flammable materials or in atmospheric environments with explosion hazard.

Electric Shock Hazard:
Please ensure that the power connection is correct before operating the ceramic heaters. Cut off power before servicing and entrust the maintenance works to competent technicians.

Serious Burn Hazard: Ceramic heaters operate at high temperatures. Do not touch while they are hot. Do not put your hand inside the unit.

Do not operate the ceramic heaters beyond the specified voltage rates or at surface temperatures above 450C. Do not move the unit while it is hot.

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