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Powder and wet paint ovens with trolley

Custom-made with one or two doors. In single-door version, the heating unit is located at the back of the oven, and is included in the external dimension. In two-door version, the heating unit is located on the side central section. Because the heating system is based on thermo-blocks, the air inside the oven is not in direct contact with flame. Therefore, they can be used in wet paint applications as well. The floor of the oven is manufactured in such a way to allow direct entry of one trolley, without a need for an extra trolley. Materials to be painted are hung on the oven trolley and placed inside the oven. The door of the oven is designed in such a way that it does not preclude movements from and to the oven. Air-tightness is provided with silicone cords. The oven is also equipped with an audible alarm reminding to remove the products from the oven at the end of a preset time.

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