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Powder coating cabin and cyclone systems


Standard Cabin Dimensions: Width: 1.200 mm. Length: 1.600 mm. Height: 1.950 mm. Cabins are made of 1,5 mm DKP sheets, and painted with wet paint. It can be easily cleaned with compressed air and wiping. Fluorescent lamps with acrylic glazed fixtures are used for lighting inside the cabin. Side covers can be kept closed or left ajar as necessary during painting process. The ceiling of the cabin is manufactured in two portions, in such as way that it does not prevent passage of the conveyor. Standard cabins are equipped with single cyclone and is suitable for manual painting. Additionally, cabins equipped with two cyclones of 3.200 mm in length are available for aluminum profile painting, and they are suitable for both manual and automatic painting processes. The widths, lengths and heights of the cabins can be modified as far as technically possible.



Operating Principle and Technical Specifications of the Cyclone:Powder paint particles vacuumed with air are scattered within the body of the cyclone with the 180 degrees centrifugal force. The second vortex occurring in the central section brings the powder particles down to the cyclone bucket through cyclone cone. Small particles forming as a result of crashing between fast moving particles are directed towards the suction pipe located in the center along with the air, and transferred to the defect tank through the filter set. Powder coating accumulating in the bucket during the operation is removed after stopping the cyclone fan, and returned to the gun upon sifting. The power of the cyclone fan is 3 kW. Flow volume of the fan is 3.000 m3/h and 250 mm/h. Amount of losses due to breaking is 4%. The body of the cyclone unit is powder coated. It is equipped with an operation panel. In addition to powder coating applications, it can also be used for sanding, polishing and chip suction applications.


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