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Rubber Post-Curing Ovens

Technical Specifications:
Internal dimensions: WIDTH: 1600 mm. HEIGHT: 1.800 mm. LENGTH: 2.300 mm. The oven panels are made of CRS sheets with a thickness of 1,20 mm, and are coated with powder coating. Insulation thickness is 150 mm, and consists of high-density compressed rock wool and yellow Izocam glass wool boards between two flat surfaces. Heat circulation is provided with two units of radial fans. Materials to be treated can be directly placed inside the oven through reels or on trays placed on an oven trolley, without a need for a second trolley, and are treated at appropriate temperatures. The door of the oven is hinged, and opens to one side to allow easy entry of the oven trolley. The hot air passes through the trays and reels thanks to the specially designed oven door, and evenly distributed inside the oven. Air-tightness is provided with a silicone cord on the door frame. The heating system is of the thermo-block system. Diesel fuel or gas burners can be equipped according to the requirements of the customers. Fuel consumption is an average of 4.5 kg/h. A ventilation shaft with a manually controlled clapper valve is provided on the oven to remove any gases inside the oven. The post-curing ovens are also equipped with an alarm system providing digital temperature control and giving audible alarm at the end of the preset curing time.

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